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Spaced Out Studios are Alexa Thanos and Sean Ettlin. They are a composition duo based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They met in a music theory class in 2017 at their local community college and have worked on musical projects together ever since. Alexa and Sean both began their classical piano studies as adults, and this unique education serves as the underpinning for all of their compositions. Both composers went on to get Bachelors of Music at San Francisco State University.This compositional duo's strength can be best described as "classically informed electronic music." They excelled in their studies of Western tonal harmony, but do not limit themselves to the parameters of classical music. Between their varying musical influences and Sean's keen sense of synth design, this duo strives to create new and unique music out of familiar elements.Beyond music, Alexa and Sean also discovered their mutual love and lifelong relationship with video games, and in March 2023, launched their music business, Spaced Out Studios, dedicated to composing scores for video games, podcasts, and other visual media.They recently released “Sleepy Donuts” an EP of video game music via the Audion label and now bring you their first full length album “The Little Bookshelf.” The album, which takes you on a journey from pure classical to hybrid cinematic is available on CD and download through monochrome motif records.


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